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I'm Melissarae, a creative mind living just outside Vancouver in Tsawwassen, BC. My journey of building Melissarae Creative began with the intent to connect with other passionate creatives and help them reach their business goals.

Through branding, I help businesses recognize their unique direction. My holistic process - coupled with thoughtfully designed graphics- allows me to create beautiful brands. Specializing in supporting existing and new businesses who are looking for guidance to launch with strong, purposeful intention.

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what the heck is
branding anyways?

You keep hearing the word
"branding", but what in the world does it really mean?!
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"intentional actions you take to shape the perception of a business"

Have you ever been instantly drawn to a brand? Whether it be because you align with their goal to reduce plastic, fall in love with their overall aesthetic, or simply just because their packaging is the cutest (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

Branding is the strategic process put in place to create an emotional connection with consumers by shaping the business in their minds, resulting in them quickly choosing the brand over others in the market. People fall in love with brands, they trust them. A product can be copied, but a brand is unique.

here's how
we do it

We take the time to get to know you + hear the real story behind how your brand came to life, helping you craft the unique story behind your why. Taking a holistic look at who you are and what you do beyond making money, we get clear on your business’s:


Building this foundational information before translating the vocabulary into visuals is key for any successful branding project.
It is so important to be ready to put in the work before making your brand “look pretty”.

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