Is it time for a rebrand?

January 15, 2022

Your business is your baby, I get that. You’ve spent days, months, or even years coming up with the idea and executing it perfectly. But in the rush of all that excitement, you let your branding fall to the waist side (It’s okay, it happens to the best of us!). Your business is now up and running, but now you need to focus on what will tie a charming bow on the whole operation - your branding!

So, here are a few key indicators that you should probably stop everything you’re doing and reach out to a brand designer (like yesterday!)

1. People aren’t clear as to what the heck it is you do or sell

You heard me right. People are confused on what it is that you're are trying to sell them. Is it a service, a product, a masterclass - what is it?! Let's steer clear of any possible future confusion by figuring out what it is you actually do. Because if you don't know what you do - how the heck is anyone else supposed to know?!

2. You aren’t attracting your dream clients, yikes

Bottom line is you don’t even know who your “dream” clients are. If this the case - how on earth are you supposed to attract them?!

3. Your branding no longer reflects your business’s vision

Like most businesses after several years in operation, niching down happens with time - like a fine wine. You naturally start to become more clear on what it is you want. However, if your visuals no longer align with your business's vision - things start to fall apart pretty quickly. Marrying your brand identity with your business's vision is integral to a successful brand, and we all like success - right?!

4. You dread the questions - “What’s your Instagram handle?” “What’s your website?”

Your Instagram is a chaotic mish-mosh of low resolution stock images, a few pictures of your dog (don’t get me wrong - we LOVE dogs) and screen shots from Pinterest. All which you’ve left un-posted to for weeks, even months, at a time. And frankly, the truth about your website is - it looks like it was created in your 2009 highschool photoshop class. *ahem* Time for a serious update.

5. Your business goals and/or offering have evolved

You started your business 4 years ago and boy have things changed. It's called evolution baby and that's something to get excited about! Since then, you've taken a well deserved look inwards and revised your business goals. With that, your offerings have also evolved and that logo you made on ms paint years ago, for some reason no longer speaks to the well established business you are today.

6. You feel lost in a sea of competitors because you haven’t identified your unique offering

You’ve chosen to chase after your dream in a market that is already over saturated. And because of that, you’re constantly left with a nagging headache trying to battle your competitors for that perfect client or customer. But what you my dear have yet to realize is that you have created a business that is UNIQUE, not like any other. Getting clear on what makes you unique and shouting it from the rooftop will attract those dream clients you’ve wished for, I swear.

Are you sitting there staring at the screen and saying to yourself - "shoot, I've been caught?!". If this is the case, don't be ashamed - I'm here to help!

Let's sit down for a cup of coffee (wine or cocktail - whatever it is you choose to be your poison) and have a chat about how I can HELP you with your rebrand. Book a no commitment discovery call with me today and I promise, we'll get you feeling clearer and help to tie that pretty little bow around your business.